Reviews of green/environment-focused books:

‘The Moneyless Man’ by Mark Boyle, reviewed on Green Prophet September 2010

Red Alert’ by Daniel Wildcat: on Green Prophet, in partnership with Eco Libris  November 2009

‘Seasick’ by Alanna Mitchell:  on Green Prophet, October 2009

‘Dancing at the Dead Sea’ by Alanna Mitchell:  on Green Prophet, December 2008

‘The Vanishing Face of Gaia‘ by James Lovelock:  on Green Prophet, June 2009

‘Confessions of an Eco-Sinner’ by Fred Pearce: on Green Prophet, June 2008

‘When the Rivers run dry’ by Fred Pearce:  on Green Prophet, May 2009

‘How to be Wild‘ by Simon Barnes:  on Green Prophet, April 2009

‘Earth Shattering: Eco-poems’ an anthology by Bloodaxe publishers: on Green Prophet, July 2008

‘Animate Earth’ by Stephan Harding:  on Green Prophet, July 2008

‘Field Notes from a Catastrophe’ by Elizabeth Kolbert: on Green Prophet, July 2008

‘The World Without Us’ by Alan Weisman: on Green Prophet, May 2008

‘Green Gardener’s Guide’ by Joe Lamp’l: on Green Prophet, March 2008

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Reviews of short story collections and anthologies:

‘My Father’s Tears and other stories’ by John Updike

on The Short Review July 2010

‘Paint A Vulgar Picture: fiction inspired by the music of The Smiths’ an anthology

on The Short Review November 2009

‘Creatures of the Earth: collected stories’ by John McGahern

on The Short Review March 2009

‘Midnight Convoy and other stories’ by S. Yizhar

on The Short Review   2008

‘Means of Escape’ stories by Hugh Brody

on The Short Review  2008

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General and Various Reviews:

Review of ‘Dead Aid’ by Dambisa Moyo for the Bristol Festival of Ideas, May 2010

‘Indigenous Peoples and Poverty – an International perspective‘ by R. Eversole and J.A MacNeish, 2005  Zed Books, UK

published in the Comparative Sociology Journal (CoSo), Amsterdam (email me for a copy of the review)

From Rogue to Rabbi: ‘The Holy Thief – a con man’s journey from dark to light’ by Mark Borovitz

in The Jerusalem Post, 12/3/2004

Review of Ouyang Yu’s ‘New and Selected Poems’

from Gerald England’s review website, December 2007

Review: Indigenizing the Academy

from Cultural Survival Winter 2004

Indigenizing the Academy: Transforming Scholarship & Empowering Communities
By Devon Abbot Mihesuah & Angela Cavender Wilson
University of Nebraska Press 2004
ISBN 0-8032-8292-3

Indigenizing the Academy: Transforming Scholarship and Empowering Communities, a collection of provocative essays, was gathered partly in response to the controversy that followed publication of Devon Abbot Mihesuah’s earlier book, Natives and Academics: Researching and Writing about American Indians (1996). That book provoked ire within academia, and Mihesuah makes light of that reaction in the preface and introduction.

The book’s 13 contributors take writer Bell Hooks’ example of “education as the practise of freedom” to heart as they catalog the best and worst of the academy’s interaction with the indigenous world. The editors assert that this book “draws a line in the sand,” and that they expect both allies and opponents to respond. I was struck by the force of each author’s argument, and their determination to purge universities of their ingrained colonialist mentality. Instead, they argue, the academy should provide empowered scholarship and resources to all, both indigenous scholars and non-Natives alike.

read the rest of the review here

Comparative Sociology reviews: I’ve written several academic reviews for this learned Journal, based in the Netherlands.

For some reason, most of the journals contents aren’t available online, so I will find my reviews shortly and post them here.

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