This is a short film entitled ‘Air-Conditioning’, shot in the Negev Desert, 2008 – part of my wider film work documenting Bedouin life.

This is a piece of video journalism called ‘Energy From the Sun’ about how solar power is helping one Bedouin family in the Negev.

This is a rough draft of a piece about the TAEQ Environment Centre in Sakhnin, Northern Israel. It includes an interview with the projects founder and director, Hussein Tarabeih, and footage of inside and outside the building, including some of the innovative water filtration and sewage treatment work going on there. Here’s a link to the film on Green Prophet with links to more articles on Hussein and the TAEQ Project.

I spent a year working for the NGO Atzum (‘justice works’) travelling the length and breadth of Israel interviewing elderley righteous gentiles – those who saved Jews during the war, and who came to live in Israel for a variety of reasons, since the founding of the State in 1948. This was a remarkable experience, meeting so many fascinating folk and hearing truly remarkable stories, told very humbly. The organization of the interview process was also quite something: liasing with translators, getting directions, and then negotiating each interview process. The interviews have been transferred to DVD, and I wait to see if Atzum can take the project further – into a full-scale documentary film that would honour these people and the courageous acts they performed.

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  1. Air-conditioning> interesting film, some friends filmed the removal of indigenous man and his tent from these lands (maybe this man?) a couple of years ago.

    He was peaceful on his ancestoral lands and they drive up and dismantle his whole home and drive off with it in jeeps !


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