welcome to the re-vamped & re-ramped sky-larking.com!

Sain Bainu, Shalom, Salaam, Slainte………..

welcome to sky-larking, my website of many good things, all gathered together, fizzing away, tantalizing and inspiring. This is my repository of some of the things I do, some of the stuff that interests me and gets me going; stuff to sniff around in, and get immersed within. Treat it like a foxes lair.

Behave like the urban foxes that live close by us – if you see something you like, drag it out, take it to your private place and chew for a while! Get inspired, get enraged, disagree wildly, or get in touch with something you think I should know about, something I should do something about, or something we should collaborate on (I love collaborating, be it theatre, film, writing, splashing paint around….or whatever). Like the wonderful quote from Hamlet; “I could be bounded in a nutshell and call myself king of infinite space”, I’ve always felt that the words ‘sky-larking’ convey the infinite possibilities of life – travel, movement, energy, air, learning, knowledge, discovery and creativity. Hence this humble open-hearted offering..

If perchance you’re looking for the James Murray Glove Cleaning Service, or the James Murray Financial Credit Agency in Glasgow, you’ve definately come to the wrong place. I am not the Sir James Murray, of the Oxford English Dictionary (though he may be a distant relative….as may be the surgeon who was on board Scott’s final voyage to the Antartic, and the chap who was Sheriff of Auld Reekie at the same time Walter Scott was Sherriff of Selkirk, but I digress). I believe I also have a namesake working in the Pentagon, but hey, that ain’t me!

Contact: james “at” sky-larking.com

you can also find me on facebook & twitter (sky_larking)

3 thoughts on “welcome to the re-vamped & re-ramped sky-larking.com!”

  1. Great stuff James,
    The Eco warrior is still alive and busy writing.I remember you had a laptop before the rest of the planet cottoned on and now look whats happenin??
    Keep up the good work and i might be able to link you up with a few likeminded souls re green issues and vision questing etc
    Drop me an email Buddhi..
    May All beings be happy….

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